“Wonderstuff” Bachelor Studio Project
RMIT University, 2012
Supervisor: Vivian Mitsogianni

This project explores hypothetical and speculative learning environments – specifically a design campus for RMIT University – although the ideas are universal. It is a given that there may be a necessary leap of faith in understanding the project(s), but they display in a physical manner what has recently been theorized, and extend upon many of the ideas. It is intended that through these works the ideas are pushed to the extreme – to understand the potential – even if a lesser variant may be more functional. Consider a learning environment where the traditional wall is removed. An open plan, but a distorted one, where the circulation space is expanded from the average 40% to 100%. All circulation suddenly becomes no circulation. Visual and audible connection between spaces encourages passive involvement while the interlocking of exterior and interior interlocks the public and private relationship.