“Graft” Masters┬áStudio Project
RMIT University, 2014
Supervisors: John Doyle & Ed Carter

This project is an attempt to design new through non-invention; purely the distortion of the old.

Rather than attempting to hide references, stolen ideas and geometries from those gone before, it publicizes them in a misleading fashion to create new spatial and formal suggestion through a systemic process.

Thus there are two elements at play; one being the two architectural contexts of the host and the graft, and the other being the process. This results in two possible outcomes; one which is an expected and recurring outcome through the design of the process and the other which is somewhat a degree of chance, where components come together in unique ways to form spaces which would otherwise be inconceivable. It also raises the question of how referential architecture can be to be acceptable; is it necessary to entirely elude recognition of those come before or is it acceptable to replicate even entire elements? This is an alternate suggestion for urbanism; to take what is successful in other parts, break it down and reassemble it to create a hybrid between the graft and the host; something which is neither one or the other but clearly has references to both, whilst on the whole an entirely new environment.